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5 Star Hainanese Chicken Rice & BBQ Pork

5 Star Hainanese Chicken Rice & BBQ Pork Restaurant has a branch each in Centrepoint, Gaya Street, City Mall and Suria Sabah, all located in Kota Kinabalu.

If you are looking for BBQ Pork in char sui or sui yuk style, 5 Star Hainanese Chicken Rice & BBQ Pork Restaurant is a good choice. Besides that, this restaurant offers a variety of dishes, with the most popular among them being BBQ meat and traditional chicken. Another popular dish is the chicken rice that gets accompanied with chicken, pork and duck dishes. The food here is nicely presented with them being tasty, authentic and extremely affordable. List of other crowds- pullers include BBQ pork noodles, King Do noodles, sweet and sour fish rice, seafood flat noodle and double boiled soups. This place is a must visit and should be placed high in everyone’s itinerary.

Paragliding in Ranau

Ranau is a town located 108 Kilometres east of Kota Kinabalu and 227 Kilometres west of Sandakan. Its name is gotten from the Dusun dialect “Ranahon” which means paddy fields. It is a cool sloping district with uneven perspectives all around. This makes the ideal setting for the paragliding view.

Ranau has different greenery ranges from rich tropical marsh and slope rainforest to tropical mountain, sub-snow capped woodland and clean on the higher rises. Aside from its residential area charm, there are other close-by attractions of Mount Kinabalu, Kinabalu Nature Park, Kundasang town, Gunner Cleary Memorial, Kundasang War Memorial, Mesilau Nature Park, Sungai Moroli Fish Spa (Kampung Luanti), Poring Hot Springs, and the Sabah Tea Garden. It is also known as the consummation purpose of (World War II) Death March Trail where 3 huge gatherings of Australian POWs strolled to their passings from slippery wilderness conditions, disease or having been slaughtered by their captors.

Ranau was known for having the biggest mining project in Malaysia, the Mamut Copper Mine, before it stopped operations in 1999. Ranau town is justified regardless of a visit and an overnight sit tight. It is fair sized and has numerous restaurants, accommodation stores and numerous lodgings with basic conveniences. There are likewise homestays in the range. You will require your own particular transport to see the attractions in Ranau zone as they are not in range by foot.

Paragliding has already begun in Sabah for a few years. However, just recently it turns into a well-known game.
If you haven’t decided to whether or not paragliding is for you, a tandem flight is a great way to experience free flying first-hand. The pair paraglide is intended for flying with up to 200 Kg of weight. Pair flying includes a pilot flying with a traveller. Both have separate bridles that are joined to one another and the wing. The instructor will fly the paraglide from behind you, giving you a totally panoramic view without obstruction. paragliding harnesses are built for comfort and safety; they feel more like an armchair. Once launched, the passenger just sits back, relaxes and takes the beautiful scenery with camera or video.

From Kota Kinabalu city, you can take a cab or mini bus from Padang Merdeka. Find any transportation that will send you to Ranau Town. It will only take around 2 hours of the journey with village panoramic for guest to enjoy. Once you are in Ranau Town, you need to find another transportation that can send ou to Lohan Village as the paragliding activity is based there.

Rumah Terbalik (Upside Down House), Tamparuli

Turn your world upside down by visiting one of the popular tourist and local spots in Sabah; Rumah Terbalik. It is one of the first of its kind house in South East Asia and among the five upside-down structures on the planet (3 are found in Europe and another in Japan).

It was officially opened to the public in February 2012 and has subsequent to be drawing in the guest from the local and outsiders.
The house itself is difficult to miss, having been flipped upside down, with its floor confronting skyward. Everything inside the house, from furniture to family unit machines, float over your head, as the roof is really the floor. Guests will see some recognizing Sabahan stylistic theme and elements showcased in this house. In the carport, an auto is stopped upside down. It may appear to be confusing in the initial few moments, yet the interest of everything assumes control. This engineering wonder has additionally been incorporated into the Malaysia Book of Records for being the first of its kind in the country. Guests can appreciate a feast or evening nibble at the Rumah Terbalik Café or get a trinket at the Gift Shop. Guided visits are accessible.

Below is the ticket fees.

Ticket Fee* Malaysian Adult Foreign Adult Child (4-12 years)**
Upside Down House
(Rumah Terbalik)
RM10.60 RM19.10 (≈USD$5.50) RM5.30 (≈USD$1.50)
3D Wonders Museum RM24.40 RM35 (≈USD$7) RM15.90 (≈USD$4.60)
2-in-1 Package
(Upside Down House + 3D Wonders)
RM31.80 RM47.70 (≈USD$14) RM19.10 (≈USD$5.5)

*Free entrance for infant 3 years and below.

Nightlife in Kota Kinabalu (Part 2)

This the second part from Nightlife in Kota Kinabalu that we have posted previously. Sabah or North Borneo might be known more for its regular biodiversity and their novel verdure. Be that as it may, its capital city Kota Kinabalu can likewise be abounding with life and fun, particularly with regards to the nightlife.
Here is some a greater amount of the most event bars and bars you might find in Kota Kinabalu

Q Bar
Q Bar in Kota Kinabalu is one of KK’s long-standing gathering venues furthermore happens to be one of its most conspicuous straight-accommodating gay bars.
Popular amongst the gay and lesbian group, Q Bar is truly for any individual who likes to party in an air where you don’t need to rationalize who you are.
Located in Gaya Street a couple parts down from the Tong Hing Supermarket, Q Bar most consistently elements a DJ behind the decks, and each Friday entertainment is given by the Q Bar Girls who put on a fanciful, swarm satisfying supper club appear.
A vast, round (Q shape) bar possesses the focal point of the venue, making it simple to take a seat and see who else is taking a seat. Super friendly staff and loquacious benefactors make Q Bar an extremely social venue.

Credit cards are accepted.

Tuesday to Thursday it will be open from 9 PM to 1.30 AM
Friday from 9 PM to 3 AM
Saturday from 9 PM to 3.30AM
Monday and Sunday open from 9 PM to 1 AM.

Prices are on the high side.
Tel: +6016 847 3085

Shamrock Irish Bar
Shamrock Irish Bar is located at the Waterfront Kota Kinabalu, right in the middle of the city’s nightlife strip.
Drop in for a bite to eat during the day or dinner in the evening and find an ample supply of draught lager and stout on tap.
Also known for showing Aussie rules and the international Rugby Union games, Shamrock in the KK Waterfront is a popular hangout for locals and expats who enjoy oval-shaped ball sports.

Credit cards are accepted here.
Opening time is Sunday to Thursday 12 PM – 1 AM, and Friday, Saturday 12 PM – 2 AM.
Tel: +608 824 9829

Shenanigan’s Fun Pub – Hyatt Regency
Shenanigan’s Fun Pub is one of the oldest nightspots in Kota Kinabalu.
Beverages’ price will be on the high side and this ought not out of the ordinary as it’s a lodging bar.
Great music and assortment, that keep your feet moving and dancing. Because of its built up and mark power, even the old clocks otherwise known as youthful at hearts affection to keep on coming back to this place.
There is a performance every day except on Sunday.

They accept credit card here.
Opening hours Monday to Thursday (5 PM – 1 PM)
Friday to Saturday (5 PM – 1.30 AM)
Tel: +608 822 1234

Sully’s Bar
This bar is owned by John and Jane. A couple from England that decided to stay in Sabah after they fell in love with this country and its people when they were on holiday here.
What make Sully’s Bar different from the other bars? Well, most of the club and bars here will play the same genre of music. John and Jane open this place so that their customers can enjoy some jazzy music so you will find yourself more ease and grooving while hang out here instead of listening to loud thumping music.
Their Menu consists of a good range of single malt whiskies, fine wines, and cocktails. They also have their own a pool table for you to play and enjoy yourself while listening to their jazz music.

Located at KK Times Square, they will open from Monday to Saturday (5 PM – 1.30 AM), and for Sunday (6 PM – 12.30 AM)
Credit cards accepted here.
Tel: +068 844 7107

Vino Vino
Calling themselves a wine lounge, Vino was said to have the vastest choices of fine wine around the local area. Sounds pretty much right when you consider that the bar is called Vino. Wine bottles line the red block dividers with dull wooden shafts, and the climate is all clunking classed and hushed conversations. Add to that shine of the overhanging precious stone crystal fixture and you have a tasteful freebee. Try not to be intimidated by the tremendous decisions of wine available, for the sommelier is dependably close by to assist. The food is great and their espressos expertly blended as well.
Patrons consists of the corporate group, with a sprinkling of inquisitive visitor and local people.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday (12 PM – 1 AM), Saturday (12 PM – 2 AM), Sunday/Public Holiday (5 PM – 12 AM)
Tel: +608 848 6363

Night life in Kota Kinabalu (Part 1)

Kota Kinabalu is best known as a portal to Sabah’s best tourist destination and appealing destinations all through the Borneo Island.

In any case, don’t make that trick you. Kota Kinabalu itself has its very own number attractions.

As a getaway center and the capital city of the Sabah (which used to be known as North Borneo), Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu is a hotbed for live diversion and extraordinary gathering too
And locals here really know how to party and enjoy their nightlife!
In this post, we going to tell you a few main places that are popular among the local and the tourist to enjoy their nightlife.

B.E.D (Best Entertainment Destination)
BED is the most popular nightlife spot in Kota Kinabalu. It is situated in Kota Kinabalu’s Waterfront and it is about as close to the western concept of a club that you can find in KK.
The enormous inside has a huge stage as the primary center and an oval bar that takes up a lot of space right in the focal point of the floor.
High tables and seats speck the bar, with 2 semi-shut off territories on either side of the stage. opposite the stage is a multi-level range from where regulars and individuals reign over the laborers beneath.
BED ordinarily has a few or other band with sparsely clad, revolving individuals making an alright showing of belting out tunes that are present and pop.
DJs do their thing in the middle of band sets.
BED is a decision destination for hedonistic debauchery until the small hours of basically any night in Kota Kinabalu.

Credit Card is accepted here and it will open daily from 6 PM to late night.
Tel: +608 825 1901

Cock & Bull
Cock & Bull is a great place to chill out and enjoy the nice cool breeze while sipping cocktails or drinking draught beer.
The first Cock & Bull branch opened in December 2004 and from there, they offered their customers more intimate environment to the Kota Kinabalu Waterfront. The first thing that will catch your eyes when you step into this bar will be the island bar, with over 50 types of liquors.
You can catch a football match in action with their two huge screens. This joint has been a mainstay and one of top attraction since the Waterfront opened. Nestled below the large projector screens is where their live band sings every night starting from 9:00 pm.
Besides Waterfront, they also open their branch in another few locations around the city.
Besides that, they also provide service for their guest to make any event from intimate gatherings to large affairs. They can customize their menu and planning to your personal event. How cool is that?

Credit card accepted. Open daily from 3 PM to late night.Tel: +608 823 9848
Tel: +608 823 9848

Cowboy Bar
Tucked away in Asia City, the heart of the KK city center, just a stone throw away from Cititel Express and The Hilton KK, this spot is nothing but entertaining.
With an almost everything there is you can find in a bar, this one’s got it and more… The live 9pc band, DJ, tournament pool table, dart, lots of variety of drinks. Friendly local staff in uniforms greet and welcome.
With a variety of whiskeys, wines, beers, and cocktails that are available at reasonable prices(atleast it is lower than most of the bars in town) you have to come here and check it out!

Credit card is accepted.
Tel: +6016 825 1427/+6019 893 5499

Hunter Terrace
Situated on the porch of Best Western Kinabalu Daya Hotel, Hunter Terrace is a decent place to simply unwind while drinking an icy lager or some espresso amidst the night and watch people cruising by. Take note that scuba divers can pick uncommon benefits here.
The pool table is simply nearby in case that you crave playing billiard or snooker. What’s noteworthy about this place, the Happy Hours run an amazing ten hours from 11 AM to 9 PM!

Hunter Terrace is open every day, Monday to Friday 7 AM – 1 AM, and Saturday, Sunday from 6 PM – 12.30 AM.

Tel: +608 824 0000

Jarrod & Rawlins
Jarrod and Rawlins is a prominent chain from Kuala Lumpur which has now advanced toward Kota Kinabalu. They use the same idea here comparable such as the one in KL, for example, superb pork knuckles and hotdogs, great decision wine and brew, and an exuberant air. Costs can be somewhat high contrast with others, yet at the same time unquestionably justified regardless of the cash.
The spot is child-friendly, and they even provide a menu for children! Credit cards are accepted with the exception of Amex.

Open on Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 1 AM, and Saturday, Sunday from 10 AM to 2 AM.
Tel: +608 823 1890

Bukit Kokol, Menggatal

About Bukit Kokol
Bukit Kokol is one of the most popular places to visit in Sabah either for the local or tourist. Located among the hills of Sabah’s Crocker range, it is 2000 feet above sea level, with a beautiful view of Kota Kinabalu city and far beyond 5 Islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks to the North, and the beauty of the majestic Mount Kinabalu to the South, temperature can be meddling to around 20 degrees, and just 30 minutes drive if you are from Kota Kinabalu City, it is a perfect place for those who wants a quick fix.
And Bukit Kokol is listed as one of the best place for you to watch the sunset in Sabah.

How to get to Bukit Kokol?
Getting there is easy as 1,2,3. From the three way junction, which is between Indah Permai (One Borneo/ Menggatal), Inanam and Tebobon, head to Inanam and keep left. After a few minutes, you will see a signboard that says ‘Kasih Sayang Health Resort‘. Turn in to Jln. Kokol @ Poring and just drive uphill. You are on the right track if you keep seeing ‘Kasih Sayang Health Resort’ every ten minutes.
There are no public buses going up the hill, so we suggest you to rent a car (it is better if you drive a 4WD)
Enjoy yourself with your friends and family for a night or two in one of the resort there.
As there are a few resort that are available ad the price can be as low as RM100 per night during weekdays and RM200 and above during the weekends(price is different depends on which resort that you choose to stay)
The view when you’re driving uphill will immaculate every few minutws with the amazing sights catch panorama. You will feel it like a feast to the eyes and soul.

**note to those who plans to drive to Rasa Sayang Resort, park uphill, if possible so that your vehicle won’t have to struggle climbing up the next hill on your way back. 

Bus Service between Kota Kinabalu and KKIA Airports (Terminal 1)

One of the problems that tourist always face when they arrived in any place that they come to visit is to find the transportation to the nearest town. Well, worry no more. This time, you can get a little bit of information about the transportation to Kota Kinabalu City if you are landing in KKIA 1.

Terminal 1 is Kota Kinabalu International Airport’s main terminal and is divided into 3 levels, and is now used by all airlines, including AirAsia(which was transferred from Terminal 2 since 1st December 2015)

Level 1 for arrivals, Level 2 for mainly airline offices and within-Sabah departures, and Level 3 for International and Sarawak / West Malaysia departures.

Taxis and the relatively new Airport Bus (which will cost you RM5 to town) is the choice of transport from Terminal 1 (both can be used for transfers between terminals as well)
The standard rate for the taxi fees from KKIA to the town is RM30(up to 4 people) But before that you need to buy a coupon from the kiosk that is located on Level 1, next to Arrival Hall 2.

If you want, you can go to the town with cheaper fees by using the mini bus and it will only cost you around RM1.50. But somehow, you have to walk around 500 metres to reach the main road. Just cut straight through the parking lot and follow the path to the main road. But please stay off the grass as it is soggy. Don’t cross the road, try to flag any bus as all of them heading to town. But if you come with a lot of luggage, it might be a problem but you up for doing this it won’t be a problem.


Due to demand by tourists, now Kota Kinabalu city (KK) has regular shuttle sending passengers back and forth KKIA (Kota Kinabalu International Airport) every day.

You can get the ticket for the from the counter that is located in Padang Merdeka(or Merdeka Field in English). try to find a small hut with the sign “Bas Airport” which means Airport Bus.
The bus ticket costs RM5.00 (≈USD$1.50) for each Adult, RM3.00 (≈USD$0.90) for Child (below 12).

Departure Time

The shuttle service is available from 7:30am to 8:30pm daily. Below is the schedule of Airport Bus.
(Note: KK = Kota Kinabalu City, KKIA = Kota Kinabalu International Airport)

08:00 07:30
08:45 08:45
09:30 09:30
10:15 10:15
11:00 11:00
11:45 11:45
12:30 12:30
13:15 13:15
14:00 14:00
14:45 14:45
15:30 15:30
16:15 16:15
17:00 17:00
17:45 17:45
18:30 18:30
19:15 19:15


The journey from Kota Kinabalu to airport will take around 25 to 40 minutes depend with the traffic at that time. But if you are in the hurry, it is better if you take the taxi instead.

Bohey Dulang Island, Semporna

About Bohey Dulang
Bohey Dulang (or also known as Boheydulong, Bohaydulong) with the size 313 hectares is the second largest island of Taman Tun Sakaran Marine Park. It is located 23 Kilometres away from Semporna.
A legend that told by the locals says there lives a beautiful princess named Salamia from Bum-Bum Island. She was hidden by her family there to avoid a forced marriage from a Sultan in the southern Philippines. Unfortunately after a few days, she vanished and believed to be hidden by the spirits of the island and turned into a pixie. Local claimed they can hear her singing and her dog will bark during the full moon. And sometimes she is seen walking around the island.
Bohey Dulang got its name from bohi(bohey) which means water and the word dulang meaning pools or depressions in Bajau language(natives people). This may refer to a series of oval rock pools, around 2-3 metres across, along the small waterfalls and main stream on the eastern side of the island.
Local says that these pools are the source for Princess Salamis for her drinking water. There is a large cave which is 40 metres high and over 20 metres long is located on the east side of Bohey Dulang too.


How to get here?
From Kota Kinabalu, you may need to take a bus from Terminal Inanam to Semporna which the journey will take around 8-9 hours. Or you can choose to go there by flight to Tawau which will take around 75 minutes of journey. And from Tawau you need to take another bus to Semporna.
From Semporna, you have to take a boat and it will take another 35 minutes before reach there.
But believe me! You won’t regret once you reached here. The island itself will welcome you with its blue ocean.
The Best Time to visit Bohey Dulang are from February to April (the dry months). If you visit during wetter months like July, August, December and January, your trip would have higher chance of being spoiled by heavy rainstorm of monsoon seasons, or not, it depends on your luck.

Things to do

You need to climb a 600-Meter nature trail to reach the peak with a height of 265 Meters, which normally takes 40 minutes. The climb can be a bit challenging after rain, because some steep areas will become slippery and muddy. If you plan to climb this hill, please bring a proper walking shoe. And bring some drinking water as it is warm and humid in the forest and hot on the peak.

Bird Watching
In 1933, Bohey Dulang Island was declared as a Bird Sanctuary, a status that was revoked as a preliminary for the establishment of the marine park. Nowadays, Bohey Dulang is still a bird paradise for the bird watchers where species like black-naped fruit doves, owls, hornbills, partridges and babblers are freely roam the area.

Bajau Laut (Sea Gypsies) Village
Most tourists that come to the island come to catch a glimpse of the Bajau Laut settlements set amid the majestic backdrop of the mountainous Bodgaya and Bohey Dulang Island.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving
Tun Sakaran Marine Park is located in Coral Triangle also known as Amazon of the Sea, which it supports one of the richest marine ecological zones in Malaysia. There are 528 species of coral reef fish are found in the park which it is much more than Sipadan Island(409), Redang(209), and Tioman (233). Full with over 320 species of hard and soft corals, and variety of sea creatures such as eagle rays, barracuda, and turtles, this park is well known as a scuba diving and snorkelling site

There are no any hotels or resorts on Bohey Dulang or on any of the other island within Tun Sakaran Marine Park.
Most visitors to the island stay in the coastal town of Semporna, where accommodation and dive packages are cheap.

Alternatively, visitors also stay in Mabul, Pom Pom, Mataking or Singamata and are brought in by boat.

Little Italy, Kota Kinabalu

Wanting for an Italian food yet ignorant regarding where to go to conciliate your yearning while in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah?

Worry not! You can come to the Little Italy. Being one of the most seasoned Italian eateries in Kota Kinabalu, exceptionally well known among local people and oversea explorers since the year 2000. Situated in the Capital Hotel, adjoining Wisma Merdeka and within walking distance from the Suria Sabah.

They serve the best pizzas around the local area. And believe me that their spaghetti’s are likewise the yummiest in Sabah, and might be the entire nation. Furthermore, they have a consistent stream of return clients to demonstrate their point. Wanting to eat something that is more healthy? No stresses, they serve low-fat dinners for those who want to keep in shape.

At Little Italy here you will never short of decisions, but it might be hard for you to choose it as there are more than 50 sorts of Italian sustenance on the menu! Besides, Mr. Luciano and wife, the owner of Litlle Italy, continually insert new Italian dishes in their menu! Believe me, credible Italian formula is conferred here and you won’t discover any Asian sustenance on the menu.

Another fascinating truth about Little Italy that you may wanna know is they made every one of the sorts of pasta and sauces at their own particular manufacturing plant in KK to ensure the freshness of the pasta and food ingredients.


PHONE: 088-232231

23, Jalan Haji Saman,
Ground Floor, Capital Hotel,
88813 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

El Centro, Kota Kinabalu

El Centro is a laid-back eatery and bar in the focal point of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and they open 7 days a week from twelve noon until midnight. “Eat. Drink. Enjoy.” is their motto, and it is an easy one to follow when you are here as they provide with tantalizing dishes on their menu.

It is not unusual things if you come here and enjoy the lively atmosphere and wind up staying throughout the night.
Their half open air bistro suits for those who want to drink and feasting. Plus, they provide a cozy internal design that is the ideal vantage point to taste an icy drink and watch the world rush by.

The owner of El Centro are smart and creative in attracting customers to come to their bistro by holding themed nights such as Mexico Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Pub Quiz and Salsa once-scale and live music Wednesday evening, they also offer a lot of other variety and a lot more reasons to get out and visit El Centro!
El Centro has faith in solid, crisp and tasty sustenance at reasonable costs. They have an everyday beverage and nourishment specials and endeavor to serve a wide assortment of both worldwide and local. They trust that the greater part of their menu things are made equivalent.
They happen to rehearse a touch of preference where these few menus are concerned: the Mezze Platter, Greek Salad (or make it a Wrap), the Homemade Beef and Veggie Burgers, the Pesto Chicken Pizza and all of their Tacos are homemade!


**the kitchen closes at 10 PM, but the bar is open until much later.


Address: 32 Jalan Haji Saman (Opposite Wisma Merdeka), Kota Kinabalu |

Ph: 014 862 3877 

Open: Tue – Sun, Noon – Midnight

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