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Biru-biru Cafe

Looking for a place where you want to have western but with a touch of local food? Worry no more as you can get it at Biru-biru Cafe.

It situated nearby our beloved Atkinson Tower which it is one of the Sabah historical monument.
It was previously owned by Borneo Backpackers and has undergone major face-lift and spruce up.

The interior is decorated with collections of paintings and stuff which they get from their travelling which really amazed me. If you are looking for Biru-biru Cafe, you just have to look up the sign “Sharikat Biru Biru” above the entrance.

I actually heard about Biru Biru Cafe from one of my food lovers friend where he suggest me to go and have a dinner there. And I fall in love with their Spaghetti Tuhau! Yes! You read it right. Tuhau is one of our traditional veggies in Sabah. And I was impressed with the taste as I never thought that Tuhau will taste so much better with spaghetti!

“Pusas” is a Dusun word which translate as snacks that normally served accompanient with alcohol ( similar to chips and nuts with beer)
They serve a few types of Pusas in their menu such as;
1. Hinava (It was made from fish and mixed with lime juice, bird’s eye chili, slice shallots and grated gingers)
2. Roti Canai Quesadilla
3. Tuhau Chips with Tuhau Salsa
4. Deep Fried Okra Sprinkled with Cumin

One of the popular desert that they serve here is the Waffle with Coconut Ice cream & Gula Melaka. It really yummy! and I bet anyone that tasted it will agree with me too! 🙂

Location: 24, Lorong Dewan, Pusat Bandar, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
The Cafe is nestled amid the backpackers area, next to Asian Tourism Institute, facing the main road.

Cuisines: Local dishes and Western Dishes( local twist).

Operating Hours: 8am-11pm ( 8am-Late Hours on weekends)

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