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Forest Research Institute of Malaysia

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The FRIM or Forest Research Institute of Malaysia is definitely a must visit destination for all nature lovers and those who’re seeking for a get away from the hectic city life.

Located in Kepong which is approximate 13km north-west of Kuala LumpurCity centre, the FRIM lives nearly 15,000 species of plants. This unique 600 hectares of tropical jungle contains an abundance of flora and fauna. Apart from its own mosque, the FRIM is the local headquarters designed for research in forests and wood utilization.

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When you get into FRIM, you will find yourself surprised by the variety of fascinating paths.

Besides, there are also many fun activities waiting for you, such as camping, birdwatching, jungle trekking, picnics near waterfall, cycling, visiting the Insect house and herbal botanical garden, jogging as well as picture taking (please check camera rates at entry).

The FRIM offers visitors the chance to discover the forest, relax and recharge themselves in a clean and unpolluted ecosystem. Over the years, the FRIM has developed into a well-known place for picnickers, joggers, cyclers, holidaymakers and nature research teams.

It also provides bicycle rental service to the visitors but only available on Saturday and Sunday.

Canopy Walkway 4811448588_094fd0693a_b

Canopy walkway

The park’s canopy walkway is one of the key attractions not to be missed. It is important to buy ticket at the main office before climbing the canopy, otherwise you can’t go across it.

This unique canopy is hanging 30m from the ground and runs more than 200m while offering magnificent landscapes of Kuala Lumpur.

Bear in mind that this can be a rather challenging physical walk around. Therefore, be sure you are really fit before you decide to embark on the walk.

Essentially, the walk is a hanging aluminum lightweight ladder with planks on it, which you can wobble with fun in between the firm stations. Most people take the walk slowly and carefully. Although the hiking activities may not pack during busy hour, visitors who want to enjoy the canopy walk may sometimes wait up to an hour.

Drinking water and snack foods are recommended. Beverage can be purchased at the front end of the queue.

Opening Hours

The canopy walkway is opened to the public from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm, final registration is at 1 .30 pm. It is closed on Mondays and Fridays. Prior booking and purchase of tickets have to be made at FRIM One Stop Centre.

Operating hours are subjected to weather conditions (The canopy walkway shall be closed when it rains and re-opened within 2 hours after the rain has stopped and the weather condition is clear).

For any group of ten or less, no reservation is necessary. Simply register and purchase tickets of the canopy walkway at the One Stop Centre.

Fees and Tickets:

·     RM10.00 (Non Malaysian adult)

·     RM5.00 (Malaysian adult)

·     RM3.00 (Student 13 years old and above – must present student ID)

·     RM1.00 (Children 12 years old and below)


FRIM One Stop Service Centre

03-62797592 or 03-62797649

or visit the  FRIM Website or check out its location map here.

To learn more FRIM’s attractions, click here.

To get to FRIM from Kuala Lumpur city centre

Buy a taxi coupon to FRIM at the KL Sentral taxi counter or hop into any city taxi – make sure the meter is on!

Alternately, you can take a KTM Komuter from KL Sentral to Kepong Sentaral Station. Please note that you will arrive at Kepong Sentral Station only after Kepong Station. From the Kepong Sentral KTM Station, you can take a taxi to FRIM for about RM7. Make sure it is a metered taxi. Otherwise, ask the taxi driver to turn on the meter.

Please visit Network Map for details of KL Monorail system and KTM Komuter lines. For the KTM Komuter schedule and prices, please go to KTMB Website.

Remember to bring along DEET, sunscreen and mozzie sprays!

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