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Monsopiad Cultural Village

Monsopiad Cultural Village is a gathering of conventional Kadazandusun structures, worked to memorialize the life of Monsopiad, who is the fearsome Kadazandusun head seeker and warrior. This extraordinary warrior is said to wander this territory somewhere in the range of 300 hundred years back, shielding his kin and town from looters and privateers. This spot will likewise give you the chance to get an understanding into the way of life and history of the antiquated Kadazandusun individuals.

The following are the attractions here:

House of Skulls (Siou Do Mohoing).
This is the highlight of this town where you can see the 42 skulls of Monsopiad’s casualties why should said be privateers and thieves dangling from the roof.

Monsopiad’s House (Kotos Di Monsopiad)
This is one of the main building here. It is a historical center that showed the biography of this extraordinary pioneer and warrior. Here you can likewise see earthenware containers, conventional jewelry, paddy processors, bamboo things furthermore the outfit of a Bobohizan (a Kadazandusun high priestess). You can likewise see the “Tangkob” which is a conventional Kadazan rice horse shelter where paddy is kept safe until the following harvest.

Gintutun do Mohoing
It is a 12 feet (4 meters) tall stone monument cut out of a bluff surface and utilized by Monsopiad as a spot to become scarce the heads that he has quite recently cut off on the bamboo shafts that encompass it.

The Hanging Bridge.
Take you time as you walk across the Putatan River on this 300 feet long hanging bridge. Enjoy the beautiful view of the river and feel the thrill as the bridge sway from side to side.

Kadazandusun Cultural performances.
Come and appreciate the customary music and move of the Kadazandusun individuals, for example, the “Sumazau” and magunatip (bamboo move). These moves are anything but difficult to learn and guests will have the chance to participate in the move.

Enjoy some traditional games, food and drinks such as the lihing (rice wine) 🙂

Getting There.
Monsopiad Cultural Village is located in Penampang, about 10 miles (16 km) from Kota Kinabalu city center. The journey by taxi or car will take about 30 minutes.

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