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Pulau Ketam

Pulau Ketam Signage Pulau Ketam Ferry

Pulau Ketam (Crab Island)

Pulau Ketam is indeed a wonderful get away, which is comfortably accessible via train and boat.

Enjoy a tour experience that takes you over ground and marine, you will discover Pulau Ketam a fantastic escape from the shopping, vehicle traffic as well as busy sight seeing.

Speed Boat Pulau Ketam Speed Boat

Pulau Ketam is a tropical island that has no engine-type motor vehicle. Travel is only possible either by walk or bicycle. You can rent a bicycle for RM5 a day to roaming about the island, enjoy bicycling through the streets and occasionally forked off onto the old wooden decking walkways.

You will find a amazing variety of temples, local community halls and cool, jetty constructions. Typically, the boats for fishing happen to be traditionally made from wooden hulls, and there is productive boat-building activities but a substantial of up to date vessels are under formation all utilizing the traditional techniques.

Pulau Ketam is an extremely low profile, stress-free spot. It’s really worth a vacation simply for seafood, the local eating places offer seafood and incredibly known for crab, shrimp, shellfish and fish dishes. The seafood is fresh and that makes it a lot delicious

Restoran Kim Hoe 金河茶餐室 Crab

Crab Bee Hon  Steam Fish

Steam Lala Steam Prawn

How to get there:

From Kuala Lumpur: KTM commuter from KL Sentral to Port Klang (last station). Get off at Port Klang station, follow exit way, turn right and cross the railway. You will see the site to get ferry to Crab Island. Ferry is RM7 per way, speed boat RM10 per way. Last boat from the island is at 6pm.


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