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Hard Rock Cafe Kota Kinabalu

With a total of 198 venues in 63 countries, including 152 cafes, 21 hotels and 10 casinos, Hard Rock International (HRI) is one of the most globally recognized companies. Now, the first branch in East Malaysia is open and it is located in Kota Kinabalu!

The place needs little introduction, food, drinks and entertainment are what HRC is known for. There’s also the famous Rock Shop where visitors will be able to buy rock n roll themed merchandises as well as Kota Kinabalu-specific merchandises.

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 11:30am to 10.30pm (Full Menu)
10:30pm till late (Snack Menu)

Sun-Thurs 11:30am till late
Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holidays 11:30am till late

Pub Hours (Live Music) – 21 Year of Age And Above – 10.30pm till late

Mon-Sun 10:30pm-10.30pm

Getting There
Hard Rock Cafe is located at Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Garama Wetland

Another one of a kind eco-tourism destination for you to investigate in Sabah.

Take a relaxed watercraft journey along the Garama Stream to pay special mind to the inquisitive looking Proboscis Monkey with its larger than average nose and pot tummy. They ordinarily hang out in little gatherings that comprise of a prevailing male and four or five females. Nourishing on leaves and seeds, they go from tree to tree and are best located amid the day or late evenings. These creatures are just found on the island of Borneo.

This serene setting of mangroves, palms, scours and optional woodlands additionally draws in other natural life like Macaques, the uncommon silver Leaf monkey, flying foxes, winged creatures and water wild oxen.

The voyage goes on for 1 ½ hours and closures as the sun sets and daylight fades into dusk.

There are a couple riverside refreshment places along the Garama Waterway serving up nearby dishes and reviving beverages.

Getting There
The drive to Beaufort from Kota Kinabalu City is around 2 hours through the Beaufort Thruway, southwest of Sabah. Head out another 25km to Kampung Garama to begin your waterway journey. This visit is best organized with a visiting administrator.

Agnes Keith House, Sandakan

This British pioneer government quarters, called Newlands, was once involved by acclaimed American essayist, Agnes Newton Keith, who penned Land Below The Wind in 1939. The house got to be home to Agnes and her family, Henry (additionally alluded to as Harry) George Keith, who was the Conservator of Forests and their child, George.

Today the house has transformed into a legacy house, giving intriguing experiences to life amid British North Borneo. It is outfitted with a propagation of pilgrim furniture and collectibles. A display on the principal floor recounts the tale of this amazing lady, her books and her crew.

Opening Hours
Seven days a week (Monday – Sunday), from 9am to 5pm

Getting There
MyKad holders: RM2.00
MyKad holders above 55 years: Free
Children below 12 years: Free
Others: RM15.00

St. Michael’s and All Angels Church, Sandakan

The recorded city of Sandakan is home to numerous structures and landmarks, every witness to the progressions of time and occasions throughout the years. One of the most seasoned structures is St. Michael’s and All Angels Church.

Composed by New Zealander Mr. B.W. Mountfort, the building was initially developed with belian (ironwood) timber, trailed by block lastly stone, which is said to have from the close-by Buli Sim, while the white stones that enhance the windows and entryways are from Hong Kong.

The Church maintained a strategic distance from real harm amid World War II in the 1940s and stays one of the not very many stone structures in the entire of Sabah. The excellent recolored glass windows in the congregation were given by Australians to recognize the 60th commemoration of the end of World War II.

Getting There

The Church is a piece of the Sandakan Heritage Trail. On the other hand, take a taxi from Sandakan town. It is prescribed that you make return courses of action with your cabbie as open transport is not promptly accessible around there.

Donggongon Street Market (Tamu Donggongon)

Donggongon Street Market (or Tamu Donggongon) is Sabah’s greatest road market and frequently allude to by Sabahan as the best market in Sabah. Here you can discover the farming, painstaking work, untamed life and sustenance results of the villagers from the locale of Penampang and from the other close-by area. This is additionally the spot for vacationer and guest on a Sabah excursions to tests the interesting sustenance of the locals and to take a look at the way of life of the general population.

You can discover nearly everything in Tamu Donggongon in the event that you are readied to look and hunt around the business sector. Pick your decision of crisp vegetables, tropical organic products which differ with the season and some fascinating blooms all at a decent deal cost. There are additionally crisp water eels, turtles and frogs which are gotten from the paddy field marked down here. Next on the ‘not to be missed’ records are Sabah’s customary luxuries, for example, Bambangan (a kind of wild mango), Tuhau (a ginger-like plant, blended with lime juice, onion, and chilies), butod (otherwise called sago worms) and lihing (rice wine).

On the off chance that nourishment does not intrigue you, then simply come and appreciate the sound of the lovely ethnic beats of gongs (a percussion-like musical instrument). This gong are played by a few volunteers and amid celebration time, for example, the Harvest Festival, you can likewise see the Sumazau move perform by a gathering of adolescents in their customary outfit.

Getting There
Tamu Donggongon is located at the center of Penampang town. It is about 6 miles (10 km) or about 15 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu city. This market opens every Thursday and Friday from 6.00 am to about 2.00 pm.

Double Six Monument

The Double Six Monument is a commemoration situated at Grace Garden lodging complex in Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu. This landmark was raised to recollect the Double Six Tragedy, otherwise called the Double Six Crash where the Chief Minister of Sabah around then, i.e. Tun Fuad Stephens and ten others including five state bureau individuals were executed on June 6, 1976 (6-6-1976) in a lethal plane accident, thus the name ‘Twofold Six Tragedy or Crash’.

This landmark was worked at the precise area of the slammed. At the point when the landmark was inherent 1976, it was encompassed via ocean water on its three sides with nearly sew stilt houses to give the landmark a beautiful perspective. In any case, the region is currently encompassed by a nourishment court, recreational park, running track and top of the line lofts which was constructed and kept up by the designer.

Getting There

Located at Grace Garden housing complex in Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu, the monument is about 10 minutes drive from the city center. You can either take a taxi or a bus to get there easily.

Jesselton Point Waterfront

Jesselton Point Waterfront is the new name given to what is once known as Kota Kinabalu Ferry Terminal. It serves as a ship and vessel terminal for those taking a ship to Labuan and for guest setting off to the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and the encompassing island. Exploiting its vital area and high human activity, this waterfront territory was re-created or updated in 2006 to be one of the city attractions to incorporate recreationally, business, private, and retail offices.

At Jesselton Point Waterfront, you can walk on the footpath as you appreciate the picturesque perspective of the ocean and the encompassing islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park against the scenery of a lovely nightfall at night. See a few pictures of Jesselton town former zones from the ahead of schedule to mid-1900s, which are in plain view close to the principle access to give you somewhat chronicled point of view of the city past.

Jesselton Point Waterfront is a decent place to loosen up following a rushed day and to relax with loved ones individuals. Eat at one of the numerous in the open air restaurants outlets or go for keepsake chasing at the different gift shops along the footpath. There is likewise an indoor futsal focus here and for the individuals who like fishing, the breakwater is open for fishing from 6 pm to 6 am for a little charge.

Getting There
Located north of downtown Kota Kinabalu near to Wisma Sabah, Grand Port View building, marine police and customs offices. The best way to come here is to take a taxi, however if you are staying at a nearby city hotel or around north of KK, this place is within walking distance.

Kipandi Butterfly Park

Kipandi Butterfly Park is situated in the Crocker Range, around 22 miles (35.4 km) from Kota Kinabalu city, in Moyog, Penampang. Arranged at an elevation of around 2300 feet (700 m), Kipandi Butterfly Park is a wonderful tropical woods loaded with the tunes of bugs and flying creatures with beautiful butterflies shuddering around. It is an incredible spot to unwind in the cool invigorating quality of the Crocker Range and to take photos of the wonderful butterflies, orchids, extraordinary blossoming plants and the uncommon creepy crawly’s gathering. More than a hundred butterfly’s animal varieties have been recorded here.

The Butterfly Garden
is the fundamental fascination of this park and in this garden, the rarest butterflies’ species, for example, the Rajah Brooks and brilliant birdwings are breed and discharge into the encompassing woods. The butterfly garden is additionally a decent place to photo the butterflies in their characteristic surroundings, as it is an encased patio nursery.

The Insect Museum won’t disillusion the creepy crawlies’ beau as the insectarium has more than 500 butterflies and more than 3000 bugs in its accumulation. In the gathering, are numerous uncommon and endemic creepy crawlies’ species, which must be found in the Crocker Range.

In the Native Plants & Orchid Garden, you can see some of the rare and endangered orchids and pitcher plants of Sabah. In this botanical collection, there are more than 500 species of native orchids, 28 species of carnivorous pitcher plants (Nepenthes), 40 species of Hoyas (wax flowers) and five species of lipstick flowers (Aeschynanthus) and many other native plants, which are only found in Borneo on display.

Getting There

The park is located in Moyog, Penampang about 22 miles (35.4 km) from Kota Kinabalu city.
For more information and details, contact the local travel agent or the park owner i.e. Kipandi Entomofauna Ecotours Sdn Bhd. (Tel: 088-232015, 016-8380100, 013-8739092 ; Fax: 088-235015)
You can also visit their website at for more information.
There is a ½ day tour to the park you can take, which include hotel pickup and drop-off, park tour, jungle tracking, plants watching, bird watching, insects watching and ended with a standard Malaysian lunch or dinner.

Water World Theme Park, Bukit Padang

Water World Theme Park, named as ‘Sabah’s Premier Water Theme Park’ by its administrator is the spot to visit amid the hot sunny day of Kota Kinabalu. Bring your children here and let them be entertained with the fun and cooling water exercises here while you appreciate an unwinding evening alongside the pool while on your Sabah Vacation. Water World Theme Park is essentially one major youngster swimming pool zone with water profundity of under 4 feet profound. It has a couple water slides that curves and turn for youngsters to keep them cheerful. Next to slides, you can appreciate other water exercises, for example, water guns, water ball and Tarzan net with loved ones individuals.

This park is fundamentally planned for youngsters and your children will love investing their energy sprinkling here. In that capacity, grown-ups may discover this water stop somewhat less invigorating. For more fun, bring your own particular swimming buoy ring. Different offices at this park incorporate an eatery, a ventilated restroom, and a blessing shop.

Note: Operating hours : Weekday 12pm – 7pm, Weekend/ Public Holiday 9am – 7pm.
Closed every Tuesday except on public holiday and school holiday

Getting There

Located in Kampung Nelayan, at Tun Fuad Stephens Park, Bukit Pandang, Luyang. The journey to Water World Theme Park will takes about 20 minutes drive from KK city centre.

Gaya Street Sunday Market (Pasar Tamu Jalan Gaya)

Gaya Street Sunday Market (likewise called Pasar Tamu Jalan Gaya in Malay) is a week by week outdoors road market in Kota Kinabalu. The business sector in Gaya road stretch for around 400 meters, from the City Council Building to the Sabah Tourism Board Building. In this business sector, you can purchase different sorts of neighborhood items at deal costs. The merchandise here reach from expressions and artworks, sustenance and regular prescription items to ladies embellishments, for example, pearls, valuable stones, seashells, pets, natural products, espresso, tea and some more. There are additionally heaps of imported fake shades, precious stone pieces of jewelry, watches and so on., so be cautious with what you obtained.

The business sector opens each Sunday from around 6.00 am – 1.00 pm. The trek here will take around 60 minutes; be that as it may, it is prudent to be there ahead of schedule to maintain a strategic distance from the hot morning sun and the group, which began to develop from 9.00 am onwards, making this spot hot and stuffy. Take some water, a cap and wear agreeable shoes when resulting in these present circumstances showcase, and be watchful of your effects while here.

This is an incredible spot to wander on the off chance that you happen to be in the downtown area with nothing to do on an early Sunday morning. Gaya Street Sunday Market offers a comfort and an efficient spot to chase for trinkets. Keep in mind and don’t be bashful to arrange with the dealer to get the best cost on the things marked down.

Getting There
Situated at Kota Kinabalu Central Business District, Gaya Street is just a short walk from anywhere around the city or you can take a taxi into KK town

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