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Tavelling from KLIA to Millennium Square

Dear passengers, when you land in LCCT, you have three options to get Millennium Square:

Option 1: taking sky bus

If you want to take a bus from LCCT to KL Sentral they run every 15-30 minutes (big boards showing times are everywhere) and they run from RM9. But they take over an hour depending on traffic.

Where to Buy Tickets for the Air Asia Skybus
—Air Asia has made it as easy as possible to purchase tickets for the Skybus. You can buy them while you’re on your flight into Kuala Lumpur. You can buy them on Air Asia’s website at the same time as you book your flight. There are Air Asia counters set up at the exit of LCCT airport where you can purchase tickets, or you can pay for your ticket once you’re on the bus. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Where to Catch the Air Asia Skybus at LCCT
—Once you’ve arrived at LCCT in Kuala Lumpur, collected your luggage and gone through customs, walk out of the airport main doors and turn left. Far down past the main airport terminal, you will see a small bus station. Walk down to the bus station to the sign that says “Air Asia Skybus” and wait for the bus to arrive. Buses depart from LCCT to Kuala Lumpur every 15 minutes during peak times and every 30 minutes thereafter, so you won’t have long to wait. The first Skybus departs LCCT at 7am and the last one departs at 3:15 am, so there’s less than four hours every day when there isn’t a bus.

*** The buses operate from 3.30am to 10.30pm daily. It is not 24 hours.

I recommend you buy only when you reach the place where the buses (tickets are sold there) are waiting. This is because there are a few times that the Skybus just left while I arrive at the bus area. Unless you don’t mind waiting about another 1/2 hr (sometimes 1 hr depending on the timing), then you can buy the tickets before hand.

Note: Even though Skybus has a schedule, if the bus is full before the time is up, the bus will still leave. For example, if rightfully the bus departs at 1pm, if by 12.45pm the 1pm bus is already full, it will leave anyway. They don’t allow passengers to stand on the bus all the way there- the tickets are sold right till the last seat- then the bus leaves.

Option 2: taking train

The train is fast, quiet and clean and the best news is that once you are on ,2 stops later or 25 minutes and you are in KL sentral and then from there you can take the MRT, LRT, Train, Bus, Taxi to anywhere.

Dear passengers, when you arrive at KL sentral, you need to take LRT to go to Asia Jaya station (there are only 4 stations between the two stations ), spend 20 minutes. When you arrive at Asia Jaya station ,you only need to spend 5 minutes by walking and you get Millennium Square.

Option 3: taking taxi

Most tourists arrive from Air Asia LCCT terminal- just like in KLIA, as you come out, there will be people asking you if you want to take a taxi- more so if you are a foreigner. They will charge RM70—RM100 to you . You can directly arrive in MILLENNIUM SQUARE if you take taxi.

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