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Malaysia Motorcycle Tours

Malaysia Motorcycle Tours

Malaysian Motorcycle Getaways Explore the beauty of Malaysia on cruisers and superbikes. Tour Malaysia on two wheels and Turn Your Miles into Smiles with Malaysian Motorcycle Getaways

Malaysia covered by the world’s oldest rain forest with great roads. The roads are in considerably good condition and getting from one end of the peninsula to the other does not pose a problem. Motorcycle Tours in Malaysia was a terrific ride. It kept surprising in many nice ways from the people, food, unspoiled beaches, culture, wildlife and nature and of course the scenery. Malaysia are now become one of the world’s top motorcycle tourism spot. Riders from all over the world can enjoy a fully guided or self guided motorcycle tour around Peninsular Malaysia.

Malaysian Motorcycle Getaways offer below Fully Guided Tours

5D4N Northern Tours
Journey covers some 1,700kms to Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, Penang, Alor Setar and Ipoh. Places of interest include breathtaking waterfalls, awesome view of Cameron Highlands, Penang Island Tour, traditional paddy field villages.

5D4N Eastern Tours
Journey covers some 1,500kms to Cameron Highlands, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan and back to KL. Places of interest include Lake Kenyir, white sandy beaches of the east coast and an overnight trip to Perhentian Island. Join this ride and be mermerised with the peaceful and laidback coastal areas.

5D4N Krabi Ride
Journey covers some 2,200kms to Alor Setar, Krabi (Thailand), Penang and back to KL on the 5th day
We’ll be heading straight to Alor Setar on the first day (that’s a 500km butt –aching ride) and then spending the rest of the days in Krabi (Thailand) along its peaceful and laid back coastal areas. On the 4th day, we’ll be spending the night in Georgetown Penang allowing us to explore the island and back to KL on the last day.

4D3N or 3D2N Central Tours
Journey covers some 1,100kms covering Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, Putrajaya and Malacca.
Places of interest: Majestic waterfalls, awesome view of Cameron Highlands, traditional sea side villages and Malacca historical city tour. Turn back into time and dive into Malaysia’s centuries of history and culture.

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